Litter A

All puppies are in new home.

Lewis is an excellent representative of the breed with excellent, friendly and very temperamental nature.

Lewis’s pedigree 


Olivia is an excellent bitch with amazing friendly, easygoing temperament and character. With Olivia is also engaged in sports training (tracking, obedience, defense).

Olivia’s pedigree


I deal with cynology for over 20 years. Now I have after long consideration and great preparations decided to make a step forward in my kennel peer out the world’s first canine babies. The father of puppies I thought really long time. Finally, I chose wonderful dog, whom I knew from puppies, and to me even now it still confirms that I made the right decision – Lewis Killemall from Kate. On our Olinka is the perfect choice both in character and pedigree.

It is very important to me to get puppies from me in the best conditions. Experience the breeding and training of dogs I gleaned a really long time, so the course is to help the new owners of our puppies for the education, health and even possible exhibitions and training. I’ll be glad if the new owner decides to enter the runway show or training, but I’m happy anyway, even though we will be the baby of the family as a partner.